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    Welcome to LET IT BE SAID! – My blog about what’s happening around us, the frustrations of being a middle-aged man with children who are about to land into adulthood, my whereabouts and activities, hobbies and vacations, – and a little about being a Norwegian in France.

    Who am I?

    I am Terje (pronounced: Te’ree’yeh), 57, married with grown-up children, two dogs, living a few kilometers west of Oslo, working in an office in Oslo. I am graduated in economy and computer science, and has worked with IT-related topics all my life.

    During my thirty-some years of professional life, I have had the following tasks:

    1. Development and deployment of advanced communication systems for air traffic control. I had the opportunity to live in other countries.

    2. IT audit, focusing on control, safety and risk management in the Norwegian banking systems.

    3. System Developer. Not only did I developed systems – but the way thousands of people work!

    4. System Developer in a well-known corporate business software company for financial systems. I want to show that senior employees can be useful…

    I want to emphasize that this is a private blog. I neither can, nor want to write about something that is job related. Nevertheless, it is difficult to write about topics without any of my job-related factors shines through.

    I stand pretty «mid-range» in terms of religion, politics and attitudes to life. I am not stuck in any directions. I think a lot, and like to allow my mind to wander, both to the right and the left. I like to follow an idea to the full extend – even if it brings me out of my «comfort zone». That’s why I like to read other people’s blogs. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

    What I want to give to my readers

    My goal is to create a readable and entertaining magazine with posts within several genres – a good mix of everything. It is said that a blog should stick to one topic, but I find it so hard to write 1-2 posts per week based on just a single topic, such as cooking.

    I try to write myself into all the blog posts. The purpose is primarily to give the posts a personal character beyond what professional journalists and writers can do. I really hope that you will nod in recognition and say: «This I have done, too! That, I think, too! «Agree? Disagree? – Or anything else on your mind? Drop a comment – or two. If you rather would contact me privately, I’m on e-mail: bjoer (at) online.no. You may write to me in English, French, German or any of the Scandinavian Languages.

    🙂 Happy reading!

    — Me and my mates at the university were talking about our fathers’ midlife crisises. One of the fathers had bought himself a big Harley Davidson. Another had begun to climb mountain peaks. When I told that my father had started blogging, the others stopped talking and stared at me for a minute. Then one said, Awh! Poor you! – I’m glad MY father isn’t that badly hit … (My daughter, 21)

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