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  1. A mouthful of London

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    How to kill a few hours in London?

    Take a bite. No matter how much time you’ve got, it’ll never be enough to catch everything London has to offer. But don’t let that stop you from grabbing a mouthful every time you’re there.

    My daughter leads the way, as we pass Leicester Square. Our destination is London’s Chinatown. This is where you’ll find the restaurants that Asian-descent Londoners love. Golden Dragon is one. It’s 1pm. We are led up a staircase to an empty hall which is being filled up quickly. We order Dim Sum for three persons. My daughter, who has been here before, points out a bunch of dishes, starting with at least 10 of them.

    Dim Sum is a meal of mouthfuls. You grab a dish with your chopsticks, dip it in a sauce and – voilà – a mouth full. Heavenly good. Scallops, grilled and steamed king prawns, fish cakes, spring rolls, crispy pork puff, to name a few. I’m not surprised that «dim sum» actually means “touch the heart”. Before you know it, you’re ready to order more dishes. For dessert, I chose “sweet dew of sago and fresh fruits”, before closing it up with “black sesame seed dumplings”. Dim Sum does not only require a good kitchen (because most of us cannot make these dishes at home) – but also skilled waiters. There are many orders and plates to keep track of, and as far as I could see, everything went smoothly.

    For small and large children

    london-mouthful-1While we were at Leicester Square, we took a trip to m&m world. If you are travelling with kids, or want to buy something for children at home, – this is a place to go. It’s not just a place to shop, but a place to experience the m&m characters up close. You can fill your entire house with m&m things, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and so on. Who can say “no” to a set of m&m guitar plecters, although one’s hair is gray?

    While the ladies are shopping, as ladies like to do, I go for a walk in Covent Garden. There you’ll find London Transport Museum. I don’t know how many times I’ve killed time in there, or at the sales stands outside. Time flies while I’m looking at the bits and pieces of junk, – more or less, listening to an occasional street concert, enjoying a nice cup of tea before I reunite with the ladies.

    And where are the ladies?

    Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush Station (there is one Westfield in Stratford, too). If you love shopping, go to Westfield. I don’t like shopping at all, but I don’t mind watching people as they pass by.

    🙂 A genuine metropolitan feeling!


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